CBD: The hype, The science

Excerpts for AARP Bulletin (Sept. 2019)

While some states still restrict or ban CBD product, they are increasingly available at retailers and online. You can pick up conventional CBD products just about anywhere depending on which state you live. But there are things an astute shopper needs to know.

CBD ALONE WON’T MAKE YOU HIGH There is a minute amount (If any) of THC contained in CBD which means it won’t make you feel euphoric.

IT’S HARD TO KNOW WHATS IN THE BOTTLE CBD is largely an unregulated product. Therefore it is hard to know what might be in the bottle unless you purchase from a trusted source. (bloggers’s note: Many of the products do not contain the amounts specified. Again, know your supplier.)

CBD SEEMS TO WORK FOR SOME THINGS….. Anecdotally, CBD appears to work for pain, but there are strong indications that CBD works best when combined with THC. Much research has been done for seizure disorders and the FDA (2018) approved the nation’s first drug derived from CBD or rare and severe forms of epilepsy.

…..BUT NOT FOR OTHERS CBD is not a treatment for serious medical conditions like cancer and diabetes. The FDA has warned against such claims.

IF YOU STILL WANT TO TRY CBD Consult your doctor. Talk to your primary care physical and any specialists you may have in case there are any drug interactions with any current medicines or treatments you are currently taking. (bloggers note: The majority of physicians do NOT know enough or have access to current data to give an informed opinion. This will change over time as more data become available, but still ask!)

FIND A QUALITY PRODUCT Don’t just buy any bottle. Go to the product’s website and look for information about third-party testing for purity, safety and CBD and THC levels.

START SMALL Try a low daily dose of CBD for several days before making any decisions about increasing the amount you use.

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