Young at Heart

Its a widely accepted believe that stress ages a person and there is plenty of data to substantiate it. We have all heard someone say “that experience just aged me 20 years”. And while nothing changes the chronological age, stress can, indeed, age our bodies. We try hard to keep the visible effects of aging at bay, but what about the internal effects of aging? Yes our organs can age at different rates and stress is a big factor. So how does CBD play into this?

Helping to reduce anxious feelings and stress, CBD can be valuable support for cardiovascular health. By assisting the maintenance of normal blood pressure and keeping our hormones in balance we are helping maintain a healthy heart. Stress also can contribute to swelling in the cardiovascular system. Other things can contribute as well; poor diets, sleeplessness, smoking, and drinking can all put stress on our hearts. CBD is an agonist (a compound that boosts the effect of another compound) for PPARY, a compound that is proven to help in reducing anxiety, combats stress, decrease swelling, relaxes tissues in the blood vessels and supports normal heart rates.

CBD by itself is helpful just by itself but as an agonist with PPARY, it boosts the benefits our cardiovascular health.

Staying “young at heart” is a great possibility when we pay attention to those things that cause us stress. And don’t forget the CBD!

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