Can CBD help you catch some ZZZZ’s???

Does CBD make you tired? The operative word here is “make”. This simple answer is NO! But let’s explain how this all works. Cannabidiols (CBD) are well known to reduce anxious feelings, lower stress and ease the mind. CBD does this by easing the source of the problem that is causing troubled sleeping. In essence it assists in easing the stressors that keep us awake at night. It might have been a tough day at work, or that tax filing deadline rapidly approaching. There are myriads of situations that can keep us awake. CBD does not make you sleepy (it is NOT a sedative) but is works to reduce the stress and anxiety that a person might be feeling, and eases the mind allowing a person to fall asleep faster and getting some restful zzz’s.

Many have found that taking CBD before bed helps relax the mind reduces the stress that causes the production of adrenaline and cortisone in the body. A person can combine this with other techniques to assist sleep as well. Limit screen exposure a couple of hours before bedtime, do some deep breathing exercises, and keeping the room dark also helps. Sweet dreams!

  1. I like this a found it to be true! I’ve said before that it while doesn’t put me down for the night, but helps with the stuff that keeps me up! Nice post!

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